How to Rank Well on Google SERP

google-search-engine-optimizationMost of internet marketers know that having good position on search engine, especially google based on keywords they want is the most effective ways to increase the earnings or selling. By having our page of website in page 1 in SERP (search engine result page) will drive huge traffic of potential buyers. For example, if our products are computer accessories, then we will drive huge traffic from search engine if we are in the first page of search engine such as google with the phrase ‘computer accessories’ they typed. The problem that always faced by most online marketers is the way to get good position on SERP.

There are some steps that can be done to get good position on google. The first one is the crawl factor. Make sure that google bot (crawl from google) knows our site, means that it should have good site map, arrangements, and etc. More easily for googlebot to crawl, better position we will get. In order to help google knows our new site, we can submit our link and sitemap to google directory.

The second factor is content. Content is one of the most important keys in optimizing a page position on search engine. Having good and fresh contents will be appreciated by search engine with the good position. Having similar or just a copy content from other article won’t make it rank well, but in opposite, it will be punished by search engine in very bad position. So, for internet marketer who considers the important of ranking well on search engine, having original and fresh content is a must.

The last factor is putting some keywords that we aimed to get good position on SERP. The best position for the keywords is at the beginning and at the end of an article. For keywords, we have to consider also the keyword density, means that the number of keywords on each article is not abundant. On each article, we just need to put 4 or 5 keywords, not more. If we put more keywords, search engine will consider it as spamming. It is not good for getting good position.