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Creating Author Rich Snippets to Drive More Traffic

author-rich-snippetMaybe some of you have heard about the google author snippet. But some also have not ever heard it yet. What is author rich snippet? Yeah, that’s right. Author snippet is the picture of the author of a blog or website that is shown in google search engine result page (SERP). For example if you type mazznoer on google, then you will find my website with the picture of mine as shown on the picture above. Then, what are the advantages of having our site with author snippet in google SERP?
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5 Most Popular WordPress Themes Download

WordPressBlogging on WordPress is now becoming easier and nice with the release of many new and free WordPress themes. The designers create more fresh and colorful themes so that even new bloggers can easily make any changes to their blogs and appearances. For you who are looking for nice WordPress themes, here is the list of 5 most popular free themes.
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5 Free SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

seo-graphicRecently, people become so much interested in opening their own website whether as the purpose to share information by blogging or conducting business. There are different methods on how you can launch a website. Always pay attention first about the quality of your site appearance if you want to gain good traffic to your site. The question is whether we should obtain free or paid WordPress themes. If you want to gain maximum quality of site appearance, you need to buy from reliable service indeed. But if you want to save your budget in applying certain theme to your site, you can choose free service indeed.
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3 Best WordPress Theme Provider

WordPressInternet has becoming the part of modern society nowadays. If you take a look on the internet, there are many different sites offering different contents for people indeed. Sometimes you have the need to make your own site for business or just personal purpose. In order to fulfill such necessity, you may need to create WordPress first for free blogging before you use your own domain and paid themes. The purpose is to train your ability on managing a site. Appearance actually may become one of important factors on creating sites or blogs. That is why you need to choose your WordPress themes carefully. Some considerations are the suitability with your company’s character, color, design, and also from where you obtain such themes.
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How to Drive Huge Traffic to Your Site

Effect of Huge Traffics to Site

Although people have different reason why they launch their site, they indeed may consider in how to drive huge traffic to their site in order to obtain both popularity and profit. Some of you may wonder about what kind of positive effects that any sites can gain by obtaining huge traffics. First positive effect is in how such site can gain potential customers to their site which may use the site significantly or buying products. Another important effect in gaining huge traffic is to make the site gains better position and rank in any search engine. What I want to discuss mainly here is in how to enhance traffic of site by different methods.
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