How to Increase Your Site Speed

The main reason why any visitors become so much satisfied when visiting certain site is indeed about the quality of the website they visit. Well, in understanding about the quality of certain website, there are indeed many factors to pay attention. A good website will always offer good quality of contents whether offering information, products, and also services. Good quality website also offers good appearance and also speed. Speed is really important to provide visitors with quality of access to the site. Therefore, if you have a site and have the need to enhance your site speed, there are some ways you can do actually.

If you want to enhance your site speed, there are many methods that you can apply. First method you can use actually is related to the server. Choosing the best hosting service for your site indeed may become the most important aspect to consider if it is related to the server. There are also some tips you can use related to how to boost the site speed in the aspect of server such as by leveraging browser caching, enabling keep-alive feature, enabling gzip compression, making landing page redirects cacheable, and also using a CDN. For further detail about the tips, you can search more the topics by typing ‘increasing site speed’ on the search engine.

After you get the best server, second step is by paying more attention on the quality of content elements. Don’t ever ignore about the contents of your site. There are some tips that you can apply in order to gain enhancement to the site speed related to contents such as by minimizing redirects to make your site works better, removing any query strings from static resources, specifying character set, minifying your codes, avoiding requests, serving resources from a consistent URL, Reducing DNS lookups, and many others which may suit your preferences.

Another effort you can do to increase your site speed actually is related to the CSS, JS, and images that are used. The size of images within your site may affect significantly to the loading speed of your site. What you need to pay attention is specifying image dimensions to suit your site performance. Always pay attention about the width, height, and the dimension. Optimizing the images by considering mostly about the format may become a must to consider indeed. Another consideration is by putting CSS at the top and also JS at the bottom of your site.