Creating Author Rich Snippets to Drive More Traffic

author-rich-snippetMaybe some of you have heard about the google author snippet. But some also have not ever heard it yet. What is author rich snippet? Yeah, that’s right. Author snippet is the picture of the author of a blog or website that is shown in google search engine result page (SERP). For example if you type mazznoer on google, then you will find my website with the picture of mine as shown on the picture above. Then, what are the advantages of having our site with author snippet in google SERP?

There are two main reasons about this. First it will give plus value for the author on google. As some issues about seo, that on the future, author rank will give greater contribution in making a website rank better on google serp. Second reason is that it can drive more traffic to our site. If our site is already in the first page of search engine result, then with the presence of author picture, this will increase our credibility and attract the visitors’ attention and drive them to visit our site.

For you who do not know about creating it, here I will share the tips for you. Actually this one is already discuss on google webmaster, but here I will write it simpler. Before creating it, make sure that you have already create your google plus profile with the clear picture on it. There are two ways that we can do:

Linking our site or blog to google plus profile. For example is

<a href=””>Google</a>

Make sure that you include the ‘rel=author’ on it. After you link your web to google plus profile, then you have to put your web address on your google plus profile. It can be on profile, contributor, or link section. This also can be done before.

Submitting your email that is used on the web to google authorship. For example if my web is, then I can submit my email info[at] For free blog such as blogger or wordpress we may just submit the email that we use when we register the blog. Then we will receive the confirmation email. We should confirm it.

After doing one of those ways, then what we need to do is just waiting for the author snippet to appear on google serp. It may take 2 or 3 days long like mine.