5 Most Popular WordPress Themes Download

WordPressBlogging on WordPress is now becoming easier and nice with the release of many new and free WordPress themes. The designers create more fresh and colorful themes so that even new bloggers can easily make any changes to their blogs and appearances. For you who are looking for nice WordPress themes, here is the list of 5 most popular free themes.

  1. Twenty Ten.  I think this one is very nice for any purpose of blogging. The theme designer offers a simple, customizable, and stylish. Bloggers can easily change its header with the one they like and customize its widgets. As the most popular one, the Twenty Ten has been downloaded 1.203.115 times when this article is made. This one is really nice for you who love simplicity.
  2. Twenty Eleven. The Twenty Eleven is still the same designer with the previous version one, the Twenty Ten. As the improvements of the previous version, the 2011 is offered with sophisticated and adaptable design. This allows users to customize its color scheme, link colors, and layout choices easily. About the appearances, the 2011 is similar with the previous 2010. This theme has been downloaded 1.131.698 times when this is written.
  3. Responsive. The Responsive theme is created by Emil Uzelac. This one is directed for more advance users. The theme is created with fluid grid system that can adapt a website appearance to mobile devices, desktop, and other viewing equipments. When this article is made, the theme is downloaded 505.478 times.
  4. Page Lines. The Page Lines theme is directed for websites that based on CSS3 and HTML5. This offers responsive drag and drop platform. Based on the description, the theme offer faster and easier usage for users. It is suitable for professional who understand well on CSS3 and HTML5. This theme is downloaded 359.560 times.
  5. Pinboard. The theme named Pinboard that is created by Daniel is suitable for users who want to show multimedia elements such as pictures, photo albums, videos, and so on. This one is easy navigated and interesting one for visitor. The gallery is simple but effective to attract visitors’ attention. The theme is downloaded 192.329 times when this article is made.

Those are 5 most popular download of free WordPress them. There are thousand more free themes you may explore for your web. Visit WordPress.org to find them. I have also created one named Clean Simple White that can be downloaded here.