5 Free SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

seo-graphicRecently, people become so much interested in opening their own website whether as the purpose to share information by blogging or conducting business. There are different methods on how you can launch a website. Always pay attention first about the quality of your site appearance if you want to gain good traffic to your site. The question is whether we should obtain free or paid WordPress themes. If you want to gain maximum quality of site appearance, you need to buy from reliable service indeed. But if you want to save your budget in applying certain theme to your site, you can choose free service indeed.

In choosing certain theme for your site, you need to pay attention about the quality of SEO friendly in order to gain better search engine position that will drive more visitors to your site. There are many free services out there. Here I want to discuss about 5 Free SEO friendly WordPress themes that you can choose. First option actually is Freshlife theme. This is the most famous among society actually. Most consideration in choosing Freshlife theme is about the features. There are some quality features such as superb and efficient theme, different panel for theme options, and also variety posts such as inbuilt subscribe button, included newsletter, and others. You can download the theme for free.

Second option of free SEO friendly WordPress theme is OXO theme. If you look at this theme at first glance, you may realize that it is very clean and good layered theme which indeed may provide professional look for your site and blog. People commonly choose OXO theme for the purpose of business and online shop. Many people also consider the appearance to be more attractive. Next option of free SEO friendly WordPress theme is Pagelines Theme. What people commonly look from this theme is its feature of drag and dropping program. Slider also becomes another important feature of this theme. Yet in overall quality, this theme is not better than the Freshlif theme.

Next option of free friendly WordPress theme is WP perfect theme. This theme may suitable for them who aim to have a professional look website. Rich options of theme and also faster loading may become another advantages that such option may offer. Another choice actually is Techmaish. This theme offers quality of design and patterns. The theme is also worth to try. If you don’t really like those 5 themes, you may find anothers for free. There are so many websites that provide them. Just searching it on search engine.